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TWO interesting reads….

Link to Robin Roberts’ WSJ interview

Robin Roberts’ honest and moving story about her stem cell transplant and second battle with cancer.

I am a big fan of Robin Roberts. When my husband was diagnosed with MDS, we had to quickly move to Houston to begin treatment.  I started reading anything I could get my hands on about this relatively rare form of leukemia.  There’s not a whole lot out there especially because I wanted to read real antidotal stuff too, not just facts or research.  One of the first books I found was Roberts’ Everybody’s Got Something, and it remains one of my favorites.  Her honesty and close relationship with her family really touched me.

Robin’s story was also similar to ours, so her experiences gave me a peek into what the long road ahead would be like for us with a stem cell transplant.   I highly recommend it even if cancer hasn’t closely touched your life because it is such an inspiring story of the power of family, love, and faith.

Just last week, Roberts gave me a few more reasons to believe she has it all together.  In a Wall Street Journal interview, she revealed that she won’t go anywhere without her Young Living Dewdrop diffuser and YL lavender oil.  I’m a firm believer in the power of essential oils, and Young Living’s oils are the ones I trust!  Just like Robin–No sleep without them. Young Living signup link

Roberts also mentioned her favorite socks–Bombas.  I happily discovered Bombas last Christmas in my quest to only give gifts from companies who not only had a high quality product, but also gave back to their community.  Bombas fit the bill in a big way!! Link to Bombas

Now about her convertible Mercedes…..a discussion of just how much and why I love convertibles will have to wait for another day. ❤️