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Happy Independence Day!

I’m feeling a little melancholy today.   The 4th of July…..so many great memories!!  It’s always been one of my favorite holidays because it’s such a laid back family oriented holiday.  No pressure to buy gifts or make a huge deal out of things.  Throw something on the grill, crack open a watermelon, grab a cold drink and chill.  I’ve celebrated this day in a variety of places including in Hillcrest participating in the neighborhood Independence Day Parade when my kids were young, hanging out on the boat and then watching fireworks from the balcony of  the condo on Lake Hamilton, swimming, grilling, and DIY fireworks at several different friends homes.    Several of my favorite 4ths were spent with dear family and friends who are no longer here with us which I suppose contributes to my mood.

My husband got to come home from the hospital yesterday.  It is SO nice to sleep in our own bed and love on our dog and cat (well until he bites me).  I have hot dogs and hamburgers ready to grill, home made potato salad, and lemon ice box pie.  Thinking about making a large pitcher of frozen margaritas in just a few minutes.  One of our three kids are here in Houston with us along with our son-in-law and  grandson.  They cleaned the house and made everything perfect for our homecoming.  So why am I so emotional and moody today?

Often I hold my emotions in, hold everything together, and pretend to be the strong one until it’s over; then I fall apart.  I wonder if that’s what is happening now? We moved in January, have been in and out of the hospital constantly since the end of February with outpatient stuff most days while we weren’t in the hospital, and I think today–this day known for relaxation–may be the day that I crack.

Another issue that led to my weird mood is the state of our country.  I AM NOT going to talk politics, so don’t get scared!  I understand that a true democracy is always going to have some healthy debate and disagreement, and it should; however, we have gone so far over the line of healthy divisiveness, that it really scares me for our future!  I’m tough, but I’m also gentle and polite.  I have a very hard time understanding why we can’t accept views that are different from ours and work together for common good.  I can’t understand why we can’t at least offer each other some courtesy and respect.  I always thought that was what made our country great.  I am thankful for those who fought for our freedoms, and I’m angry at those that abuse those freedoms and make us look intolerant. So, that adds to my sadness today, a day that was set aside to celebrate the USA.

Final thought, and then I’m going to make those margaritas.  If you are enjoying this day with friends or family, look around you and photograph the memories in your mind.  If you and those you love are healthy, be grateful.  If you get to gather together and have a meal, make a toast, light a sparkler, listen to music, or play a game, be grateful.  Don’t pick a fight, don’t deny someone else the right to their opinion, don’t make someone you love feel small or belittled.  Choose to take the high road, choose to apologize first if necessary, choose to forgive, choose your reaction.  It is always a choice.  How about if we all remember to be kind to one another and find joy in the little things that we have.  On this holiday, I will allow myself to remember some great people that aren’t here with me, but I will also be present and live for this July 4, 2017 because I won’t get another chance.   Cheers!

We don't have to agree on everything to be kind to one another.