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Week 6

I didn’t forget about my better eating and health habits just got kind of busy and forgot about writing about it!  Actually, that’s not true….I didn’t forget about writing–just didn’t DO it!!!!

I’m sticking to my plan (mostly), and since the plan is a long term thing, the few missteps haven’t bothered me much because it’s life.  You have to enjoy the journey, and have a glass of wine with friends or a taco or two along the way.  My weakness is tortilla chips.  Thankfully I don’t really mind skipping the cheese dip and pairing them with salsa and/or guacamole!

I’m down 17 pounds, and if I had been a little more consistent with the exercise, I have a feeling it would be more.  So, that’s my goal for this week:  exercise EVERY DAY!  I’m starting that with yoga every morning in my living room.  Or that’s my plan anyway–I’ll let you know how it works!

Diet wise, I’m sticking with whole foods, lots of fruit and vegetables and very little meat.  I use the “My Fitness Pal” app religiously to track calories and nutrition.  It’s really easy once you get the hang of it and create a history.   It links to my FitBit too which simplifies everything.

Here’s a recipe from Cookie and Kate’s website that is super easy to tailor to any taste, works with almost any “diet” out there, and fills you up with lots of good protein.   If you’ve never made or eaten a frittata, they are like a quiche without the not so good for you crust or an omelet but easier and better to me.  Best Frittata  walks you through a stove top and/or baked version whichever is easier for you.  The stove top/baked version is what I usually do; however, the baked is awesome for making ahead in a single serving size.

I’ve also been using Young Living’s Slique line of products which are designed to support healthy weight loss.  My favorite things in the line are the Slique tea and the Slique bars.  I also use the Slique Essence along with grapefruit, lemon, and peppermint essential oils to help curb my appetite.


A few things that have helped me replace “not so great” choices with better ones are pictured below.  They include crunchy yummy dried fruit chips (choose the ones with ONLY fruit in the ingredients and watch the calories),  fun crispy ancient grain snacks (similar to a rice cake), Teavana tea, and this Spindrift sparkling water (found these at Target) with real lemon juice added — don’t be expecting sweet, but it’s got a great sour lemon taste!