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I’m struggling.  But sometimes I’m not.   Maybe that’s just the way we all are in life. I’m cleaning again.  For the past two days, I’ve been cleaning out my office area.  I found a bunch of my notebooks.  I have notebooks for everything.  I use them as journals, I use them for lists, random notes… Read More Gratitude

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Hey.  Maybe I’m back to writing.  Maybe I won’t write again for 8 months.  This new uncertainty in the universe fits my world to a T.  It’s so weird how all the craziness going on right now with COVID-19 isn’t really freaking me out. I actually told my therapist that it made me feel sort… Read More Birds

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Hard to believe that I’m at a hospital on our anniversary, and it’s not with B! Hard to believe that 7 years ago we were in Belize having the time of our lives, blissfully unaware of what was about to hit. We thought we had beat the hard stuff, overcome the obstacles, and were on… Read More Today

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Week 6

I didn’t forget about my better eating and health habits just got kind of busy and forgot about writing about it!  Actually, that’s not true….I didn’t forget about writing–just didn’t DO it!!!! I’m sticking to my plan (mostly), and since the plan is a long term thing, the few missteps haven’t bothered me much because… Read More Week 6