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I am a Young Living educator and distributor. Go directly to my YL website with product and purchasing info right HERE.  I would love to share more with you about essential oils and Young Living’s awesome products.  You can make small changes in your life that will add up to large health and wellness benefits for your family!  Here is a link to a class that will help explain the WHY of essential oils and more specifically the WHY of Young Living oils.

100% pure Essential oils are made from plants.  That’s it.  Young Living’s essential oils are completely pure.  I’ve researched and compared MANY essential oil companies, and YL is the brand that I totally trust.  I have complete faith in their growing, harvesting, distillation, bottling, and distribution process.

If you are currently using oils that you bought at a big box store, pharmacy, or online; there is no guarantee they are pure.  Unfortunately, there is no regulation for this, so as long as there is 5% plant oil in it, the label can say 100% pure essential oil. 😡  Since the essential oil and natural health business is growing like crazy, many companies are jumping on the band wagon and NOT being honest about their product purity.  This is a HUGE deal.  How awful to try to switch to a better more natural product, and just be adding more toxins!!! Make sure you know what is in that bottle!

Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee.  If you are a member, you may visit the farms and see the process.  No chemicals, synthetics, or fillers. Ever.  Guaranteed.  I was lucky enough to get to visit one of our farms in the summer of 2018.  Amazing and beautiful!

Read more about this process: Seed to Seal

I have replaced practically every chemical filled toxic product in my life with an essential oil based product, either one I make myself with oils, or one of Young Living’s growing lines of non toxic cleaners, skin care products, beauty products, baby products, and wellness supplements. I can help you to do the same.  Big changes can only happen with one small step.  Replace ONE product or ONE cabinet in your home per month, and you will be amazed at the way it makes you feel!  Your family is WORTH it, and it doesn’t have to cost you a bundle.  I can promise you that you will see the difference!

I use my oils in many ways everyday.   I hate to admit it, but I used to take over-the- counter allergy and pain meds DAILY.  I had a VERY rough 2017, and I used my oils to support my mental and physical health through the worst.   I am now 4 years into my conversion to a more natural life style.  I support every system in my body with essential oils.  I even use essential oil remedies on my pets. How nice that I now know, “There’s an oil for that!”

The easiest and most economical way to discover how essential oils can help you, is to purchase Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.  This kit contains a diffuser of your choice, 12 of the most popular and most useful essential oils, a packet of our amazing Thieves cleaner (enough to make a 16 oz. bottle of cleaner), some samples and other goodies.  You will get over $350 worth of product starting at $165 (price varies depending on the diffuser you choose).   Not only do you get a great deal with enough oils to really see what they  can do, you will be a member of Young Living which will give you 24% off retail prices no matter what you order.  You may order as often or as little as you like at 24% off as long as you make a minimum order of approximately $50 each year.  Visit my YL website to learn more or to purchase.

Diffusers are all the rage right now and seem to be available everywhere. They are an excellent way to get the benefits of essential oils safely and easily.   However, you get what you pay for.  If you would like to diffuse any citrus oil or blend that contains citrus oil (lemon, lime, grapefruit, bergamot, tangerine, mandarin, pettigrain, neroli), you MUST use a diffuser that is medical grade plastic because if not the citrus oil will “eat” the plastic and you will be breathing those plastic chemicals along with your oils!!  Young Living Diffusers are all medical grade and have a one year GUARANTEE.

Check out some of the other completely non toxic products from YL that I love:

  • Thieves cleaning line –Thieves concentrate is the BEST cleaner I’ve ever used, and it’s safe to use with kids and pets!
  • Seedlings Baby Line –NO worries about what is being absorbed into your baby’s skin and going directly to their blood stream, and great for adults with sensitive skin as well.  I absolutely LOVE the baby lotion for myself.  I also use the wipes to remove my makeup!


  • Savvy Minerals makeup–This was my last holdout on trying to get rid of the parabens, synthetics, artificial coloring, etc.  Now I can feel good about what I put in my face, and it’s beautiful!  This line works for all skin tones, ages, and types.  Colors are ever expanding and absolutely beautiful—naturally!!    Allure magazine article on Savvy Minerals
  • Ningxia Red–Love this product!! It makes me feel better, supports my immune ningxia1 (1)system, and gives me more energy every day!!  If you choose one supplement to try, make it this one!!  Use Ningxia Red every day for 2 weeks, and I promise you will see and feel the difference!
  • Oral Care–The Thieves Aromabright toothpaste was one of the first products I tried outside of the essential oils. I’ve always had mouth sores; not anymore! SLS, which is in almost every toothpaste available is a known cause of mouth sores and is toxic. It’s in most toothpastes and soaps because it causes them to foam nicely (NONE of Young Living’s products use SLS).  YL also has an awesome Whitening toothpaste with non of the toxic junk!
  • Wellness Support-Supplements–YL’s supplements don’t contain the fillers that most vitamins and supplements contain.  They are formulated with top quality natural ingredients that work!  TheSupplement_masterformulare are products to support your whole body and ones that are targeted for specific issues.  I alternate many of our supplements.  Some of my favorites are SulfurzymeMaster Formula (I like to call Master Formula “Vitamins for Dummies), Inner Defense, Super B,and Life 9.

Feel free to send me a message with your questions.  I’ll be glad to talk to you one-on-one in person, online, or through a phone call or video chat.  I also offer in person, Skype, or online classes with incentives for hosting.
There are several ways to become a member and receive 24% off every purchase.  Young Living also has a terrific rewards program that offers up to 25% credit for your monthly purchases and all sorts of free products.  I’ll be glad to customize a bundle for YOUR needs.  It’s painless, and you won’t ever regret “ditching and switching” to make your home a healthier place for you and your loved ones!

If you are ready to jump in RIGHT NOW, just click on the link below and click “BECOME A MEMBER!

Link to my YL website and ordering page.


Here are a few other links that explain Young Living or people who use Young Living products.  As I am able, I will expand my videos and info on this site….I’m a little slow at technology sometimes!

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*Medical Disclaimer: The information and products contained on this blog and recommended links is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information represents what I as an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils have chosen to do to take charge of my own personal health and that of my family. Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products. Information found on this site is meant for educational and informational purposes only.  Everyone should make their own health care and dietary decisions based upon personal research and in partnership with their health care provider.  The information and recommendations found on this blog and links should not be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis, or courses of treatment.


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