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Gardening is cheaper than therapy….

One awesome thing about our new “normal” is that I’ve managed to find time to garden.  I’ve spent countless hours in the yard preparing a place for a vegetable garden, cleaning up the jungle that was our front yard when we moved in, and potting flowers.  Some of my fondest memories are from playing in… Read More Gardening is cheaper than therapy….

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“Fried” Catfish Po’boy

Sometimes you just need to go back to your roots for some comfort food!!!  Now, before I start in on this healthy recipe, let me tell you, that if available, I would choose REAL fried catfish with fried hushpuppies EVERY SINGLE TIME.  However, pulling out the propane tank, burner, pot, peanut oil, etc. at our… Read More “Fried” Catfish Po’boy

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Quick protein filled smoothie

So you’re post stem cell transplant, post chemo, post surgery,  or for whatever reason, you just don’t feel like eating or drinking!  In a normal healthy person’s life, this isn’t a cause for alarm; however, in the case of someone who has been sick for a while and has already lost weight and can easily… Read More Quick protein filled smoothie

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Essential Oils & a few of the reasons I fell in love with them

Essential Oils seem to be the latest craze as they are popping up everywhere!  If you don’t read anything else in this post, please read this:  The EO market is NOT regulated!!  Just because the bottle says that it’s pure, doesn’t mean it is!!!  Just like “Fragrance” on a label basically means “filled with MANY… Read More Essential Oils & a few of the reasons I fell in love with them

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This morning I chose the essential oil blend “Joy” for my morning meditation/prayer time.  Last week as an attempt to become more emotionally and spiritually centered, I began this practice.  My affirmation for today was “This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). I… Read More JOY