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Random Thoughts from My Current Life

Finding joy in the little things becomes easier the more you focus on one day at a time! We all need to remember that we have NO idea what others are going through unless we’ve walked in their shoes, and even then, everyone’s experience is unique. Hope is as necessary as air and water.  A… Read More Random Thoughts from My Current Life

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Thank my lucky stars

Early this morning Max (our 4-year-old border collie/golden retriever rescue baby) and I went on a walk.   As is often the case, a simple one hour walk relieved some stress and allowed me to sort out my often jumbled thoughts. As usual, the beauty of our Houston neighborhood soothes me.  This may be hard… Read More Thank my lucky stars

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Is Everything Fake & Toxic?

Anyone remember when most things were REAL?  Before everything was made of plastic, laminate, particle board, or synthetic fibers? Before every ingredient in our food, body care, and cleaners ended in  -phate, -kyl, or a long abbreviation or number? I know some of you will probably stop reading right now and blow my post off… Read More Is Everything Fake & Toxic?