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“Are you warm enough, honey?” I hear her as they round the corner in front of where we are waiting to be seen at the 10th Floor ATC.  “She” is a 60 something petite woman pushing her husband and a couple of bags  in a wheelchair.  If he answers her, I don’t hear.  He has… Read More Salute

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Two recipes-one for him and one for me….post transplant

One of the many things post transplant patients face is a new way of looking at food.  The saying “eat to live, not live to eat” most definitely applies.  Not only is a transplant patient fighting new baby-like taste buds, he is also still dealing with the harsh chemo side effects which leave nausea, diarrhea,… Read More Two recipes-one for him and one for me….post transplant

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Getting used to a new “new normal”

You know that feeling when you’re so excited about your husband coming home from the hospital after his stem cell transplant, but when it actually happens you are worried about all the new things YOU need to think about like his meds, eating, drinking, maintaining electrolytes, germs, bloodcounts and GVHD, and you also know that… Read More Getting used to a new “new normal”

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Knock on wood

I don’t think of myself as especially superstitious; however, for the next two days being particularly careful with mirrors, avoiding walking under ladders, and watching for butterflies in my garden for good luck couldn’t hurt, right??  We found out today that Bobby’s white blood counts rose for the 3rd day in a row!!  Woo hoo!!… Read More Knock on wood